Sierra Leone Youth Awareness Officially Registered!

Sierra Leone Youth Awareness (SiLeYa) is now officially recognized as a Community Based Organization (CBO). We are diligently working throughout Sierra Leone to end tribalism, corruption and to create a prosperous Sierra Leone through an inclusive, participatory democracy. We organize ourselves for the right to a quality, free education for every citizen of Sierra Leone, not one child or teenager should be left behind; we advocate for the rights of women, including ending forced marriages, ending all sexual and physical violence and harassment against women, and gaining women the right to access legal, affordable abortion services; we organize for the rights of LGBTQ people, including ending the laws that criminalize our fellow citizens, laws inherited not from Africa, but from British colonialism; we advance the cause of environmental protection, improved sanitation and medical services; and finally, we stand with the youth of Sierra Leone, engaging our generation to make the future better.

Join Us.


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